Optical Success Academy Has More Success Stories Than Any Other Program For Independent Opticians. Read The Impressive Results Below.

Deepak Oberai – Optometrist & Practice Owner, Albert Road Opticians, Cheshire

“During OSA we’ve had significant growth over the last couple years. In 2015, we grew around 35% and we’re on track to achieve 20% growth this year, if not more. The specific OSA strategies that we’ve used have been very successful. Average dispense value before OSA was around £240 and we’ve increased that to over £480.”


35% Growth. Increased Average Dispense Value from £240 to over £480.

Rachel Murray – Optometrist & Practice Owner, Rachel Murray Eyecare, Sligo

“I have been in Optical Success Academy for 18 months now, and my practice has grown and evolved dramatically with Conor’s advice. It has not just led to more money in the till but is constantly moving the business forward and allowing me to have a better lifestyle.”


41% Growth in 2016. Increased Average Dispense Value from £200 to £520.

Dan Sanders – Optometrist & Practice Owner, Perspective Optometrists

“OSA been a real breath of fresh air. Before, we were doing well, but I was feeling trapped by the volumes. Now, I’m having more time off with the family, but also being much more productive, which has shown real growth in the practice. We thought we had got to where we could get to but we’ve now tapped a lot more potential. It’s really making it exciting again.”


Increased Turnover by over £200,000 in two years. Reduced days in practice to 4 days a week.

Helen Corson – Optometrist Practice Owner, SW&C Jackson Opticians, Nantwich

“Despite all my efforts my practice was shrinking rather than building. Our patients seemed to like us but also seemed reluctant to spend on new spectacles. I received one of Conor’s letters and after procrastinating for a few months I eventually signed up for a 3 month trial fully anticipating asking for my money back! I listened to lots of masterclass calls and gradually started trying some of the strategies in my practice and I’m glad I did. This year sales are up by 50%! In March and April our turnover was double what it was the previous year. Our best dispense value is now £1,400 which would have been unheard of 12 months ago. And to top it off we now have a steady flow of 5 star google reviews! It is hard work but it works. I also have a far happier team and I have fallen back in love with my practice because I no longer feel that it is trying to drown me. Being part of Optical Success Academy and following Conor’s advice has helped me to rescue my practice and have more time with my family.”


Sales up by 50%. Best dispense value is now £1,400. Reduced time in the practice.

Jan Neville – Dispensing Optician Practice Owner, J Neville Opticians, Whittlesey

“Since joining OSA my practice’s turnover has increased by £104,624. OSA works! In my case I have tailored Conor’s principles to suit my needs, my practice and my situation. I feel that any independent can do the same. I have tailored Conor’s principles to suit my needs, my practice and my situation.”


Practice turnover has increased by £104,624.

Jonathan & Nick Fox – Optometrist Practice Owners, Fox Optometrists, Handforth & Poynton

“We have had continuous record months since joining 6 months ago. Average dispense value in our Poynton practice has gone from £374 to £486. An increase of 10%. In our Handforth practice, average dispense value has gone from £135 to £224 – an increase of 65%. Turnover is up by 42% in one practice and up by 59% in the other practice! We still have lots to do but our mindset has completely changed!”


Average Dispense Value increased by 10% in one practice and 65% in second. Turnover up 42% and 59% respectively.

Shockat Patel – Optometrist Practice Owner, Sask Optics, Leicester & Peterborough

“I was working 6 days and week and trying to be all things to all men and running just to stand still. My initial thought was that OSA was not for my type of practice. But I needed to do something to set my practice apart from all the others around me so I somewhat fearfully joined OSA. Today our average dispense value has gone from £109 to £299 and turnover is up over 59%. My team are now motivated and enjoyable to work with! I have gone from 6 days to 4.5 days a week (most weeks) while the practice continues to have record days and record months.”


Increased Average Dispense Value from £109 to £299. Turnover is up by 59%.

James Michael – Dispensing Optician Practice Owner, P&A Eyecare, Crieff

“The trigger for joining OSA was reading an article that Conor had written about his first experiences of paying suppliers. Getting to the end of the month, checking the statements and then deciding who to pay first because there isn’t enough money to pay everyone. This was the exact situation I was in and I knew there had to be a better way. Having read Conor’s article I decided to take a leap of faith and sign up to Optical Success Academy and thus began our journey to success. By implementing Conor’s advice and jumping in at the deep end we have seen really positive changes. Our clients are happier and our bank balance is healthier. Turnover is up by £70,000 in our first year, we’re attracting more new clients than ever before, and our average dispense value is up from £180 to £310.”


Turnover is up by £70,000. Increased Average Dispense Value from £180 to £310. Attracting more new clients.

Steve Bainbridge – Optometrist Practice Owner, Bainbridge Optometrists, Redditch

“After running the practice for 10 years it had hit a plateau. We were skeptical about joining OSA but didn’t want to just keep doing the same things and getting the same results. With no starting capital for improvement our results have been great. Turnover is up by over £127,000 since joining OSA in 2017.”


Turnover is up by over £127,000 since joining OSA in 2017.

More Success Stories

Conor Heaney and the Optical Success Academy have cutting edge ideas for the optical industry. Since becoming a member only 3 short months ago, we are already doing things for customers that no other optical in the U.S. is doing. We can say with complete confidence that we are different than all other optical stores. […]

Leah Johnson Central Texas Eye Cente Texas, USA

I have been delighted to be part of OSA for the past few months! Conor’s insights into running and developing an optical business are unique I think because it comes from running his own practice. Unlike most other optician marketing specialists who do not. OSA is to be recommended whatever the size of your business […]

Paul Morgan P&A Morgan Opticians Runcorn, Cheshire

I have been with Optical Success Academy for 2 years now, and am so glad to be part of a group where there is so much support and guidance. Conversations with Conor make many seemingly difficult things very straight-forward to implement and achieve. All aspects of the practice have grown. More important is the change […]

Harsh Shah Eyewise Opticians London

What Other Practice Owners Are Saying About OSA

I asked Conor to speak at The Hakim Group annual conference because he has a message that independent practices need to hear. For insights and advice Conor is a forward-thinking, results-focused expert. His impressive practice is reassuring: what he says is based on reality, not theory.

Dr. Imran Hakim The Hakim Group

The Optical Success Academy ideas are thought provoking, practical and relatively easy to implement. Seeing how Conor’s ideas have worked in practices more similar to mine than Jones and Co. has given me the confidence to “go for it”!

Andrew Keyes Keyes Eyecare Newcastle-Upon-Tyne


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